Tips for Planning a Cold Weather Vacation

If you’d rather a cold weather vacation than sipping cocktails in the sun you’re in luck. Winter is a great time to vacation and for many cold weather destinations winter is the low season. This means that you’ll be able to save some serious money while still having an amazing vacation. If you and your family are planning a cold weather getaway to an Iceland travel destination, here are some tips to help you have a great relaxing holiday.

How cold is cold?

If you don’t live somewhere that typically faces cold winter temperatures than you’ll need to seriously consider how cold is cold. For example if winter to you means temperatures of 50F than somewhere that averages 10F is going to be a huge change. Iceland’s winters are mild and windy while the summers are cool, so don’t let the name scare you, there is plenty to do that does not involve ice and snow.

Having the Right Clothing

When you visit somewhere warm, it doesn’t matter too much what you wear – chances are you’re in your bathing suit most of the time anyway! But, when you’re taking a cold weather vacation you do need to pay very close attention to the weather and dress accordingly. Plan to wear layers. Have a good pair of boots if you’ll be somewhere with snow. Bring a warm winter jacket, many winter wear jackets come with tags that state the temperatures they are best used with – pay attention to this. You might think your “winter” jacket is good enough, but that doesn’t mean it will be for your destination. You also should bring hats, gloves, and scarves to protect your face and outer extremities. Also don’t forget a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen as the glare off of white snow can be just as damaging to your skin, and specifically your face, as the sun on a hot day at the beach.

Planning Your Activities

When traveling with children you’ll want to have a few plans in place that allow you to make the most of your vacation even if bad weather rolls in. Outdoor activities can be lots of fun but if the temperatures drop or there’s a blizzard you may need alternate plans. Find out what some of the indoor options are for your destination and keep them on hand as a backup.

Be Safe Outside

Just like you would when vacationing in a hot weather destination, limit the amount of time children are outside. They can quickly become very cold and face frostbite or hypothermia before they know it. This is especially true for children who aren’t used to being outside in the cold and don’t know what to expect. Go inside for frequent warm ups. If clothing becomes wet, go inside immediately and put dry clothing on to limit the risk of hypothermia and exposure.

There are plenty of activities that are wonderful to visit during the winter months in Iceland. You’ll need to do a little extra planning (and packing!) but are sure to have a memorable experience.

My Favourite Outfit Combinations

Last weekend, Keith and I had such a great weekend celebrating his birthday. Aside from getting to hang out with some of our closest friends, we finally went to see The Book of Mormon! I was afraid it wouldn’t live up to the crazy hype surrounding it, but we really loved it! Rent is still my all time favorite, but this one, along with Wicked, definitely makes my top three. What are some of your favorites?

I wore my new trench, a recent find from the Express outerwear section, which I’m always a fan of. They have a great selection of both trendy and classic pieces, without having to break the bank. Remember this coat from last year? Paired it with my high waisted jeans and this nifty little convertible backpack.

Have a good one!

Fall Summer: Crop Tops and High Waists

Step by step I am bringing back the long pants and long sleeved tops into my wardrobe again. This was calling for some new online shopping and that’s why I have picked up from Romwe: these white ripped jeans with a high waist that are slowly becoming my favourite, the black long sleeve top with a nice lace insertion in the back and the knitted beige hat that is a great accessory for fall. I was also wearing a multi pocket black backpack from Shein and Jessica Buurman multi chain sandals to complete this black and white look.

The Black Dress and The Velvet Chair

Did you ever wonder how those beautiful dresses from prom & wedding gown websites really look like in reality? Well, I did and decided to order this black two piece gown, very elegant but also modern from I was really surprised with the size of the package it came in, as it was so small and yet contained such a big and beautiful skirt inside. The lace crop top represents that modern twist. This is what makes this two piece gown so interesting, along with the mermaid skirt that that also makes it fabulous and elegant. I have also ordered this Ever Pretty one in particular because I thought that I could wear both the top and the skirt in so many different combinations that I will post as soon as I have the time to wear and shoot them.

Photoliu was of great help with the beautiful emerald green chair that created an exquisite setting. Would you believe me that this treasure of vintage arm chair was actually at a street corner in Bucharest and I spotted it and took it home? Believe it or not this is what happened (check the before and after photos below).

I fell in love with its design and asked Adrian to help me pick it up and take it home. He said no, because it was too dirty, but I made the disappointed kid face and we came back and took it. I immediately called my friends from that took care of it and turned it in a masterpiece that was ready exactly on my birthday.

Flashback Friday: Cool Weather Favourites

Hi guys! Happy Friday! Wanted to end this week off by sharing some of my past cool weather favorites.

Also, there are some pieces I’ve worn, whether you’ve seen them on the blog or floating around on Pinterest, that I often get asked about (like this coat!) – not everything is available, but some of them are back in stock and If I haven’t listed something, it’s probably because I couldn’t find it. Of course, if you want to know about a specific item, don’t hesitate to ask.

I Hear the Fragile Beauty of Mortal Earth

In my composition, I strived for a similar experience of encountering an (musical) object. This quest led to a research-oriented approach towards the musical material – an approach in which the chosen musical material is employed as a singular object investigated several times throughout the time-continuum of the piece. In other words, the musical material is regarded as a prism viewed from different angles and under different lightings.

This interaction creates more tension and concentration through constant listening & cueing between musicians and this, in turn, introduces ‘the second dimension’ to the piece.

Hence, the musical material is not used as a departure point that would ‘lead somewhere’; an entity that needs to be ‘developed’, ‘processed’ and eventually ‘transformed’ into something else. Rather, the entirety of the piece is concerned exclusively with finding and presenting different ways of connecting the same pitches to each other, morphing successfully between sounds and the timing of the each musical event.